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The Power of Exile

The Power of Exile



Introduction to the lutein-free diet

Autism - the Vaccine Connection(PDF)

The complete version - 17 pages
(An excerpt was published in Autism-Aspergers Digest Sept 2003.)
Describes in detail how vaccination altered human immunity,
and the consequences for our lives.

'Current research shows that there are many substantiating factors
to consider vaccination as the causal factor for autism.'

Review of lutein as it relates to autism. (PDF)
In this article, we review the scientific literature on lutein and other pigments
and show how this relates to autism and a lutein-free diet as a treatment option.

'These studies strongly point to a disturbance which could be anticipated in a metabolism with an abnormal immunogenetic (IoGc) relationship to lutein (xanthophyllic pigments) resulting in the ophthalmologic findings in the eyes of people with autism. Coupled with dietary information which strongly indicates many people and particularly young children with autism actively attempt to avoid dietary lutein sources, the theory that lutein is a potential causal factor in autism is strongly supported by the research.'

The WCAP 'Childscreen' Proposal (PDF)
Childscreen is a program aimed at reducing childhood neurological problems
by newborn screening to detect signs of immune,
metabolic, and neurological vulnerability before vaccinating.

Autism, Pigments and the Immune System
Immune System Regulation of Pain and Stress:
evidence for the utilization of chiral substances.
Natural pain killers in the autist. c. 1999

'Autism is a movement disorder at the cellular level,
involving the immunomodulation of pigment metabolism.'

Phagositosis of pigments and pigment metabolites;
pigment wastes in amniotic fluid

'Amniotic fluid is normally clear, a pigmented amniotic fluid was used as an indication
of possible/probable problems prior to the use of the amniocentesis' 


Autism: Dietary Treatment Options  
From: Positive Health magazine, October 2000

'In our theory autism is not a psychological condition,
it is a neuro-gastro-immunological disorder resulting from
an immunogenetic error during foetal development.' 


Understanding Autism
How research moved autism from a psychological disorder
to a treatable medical condition;
how Sara's Diet was discovered and developed;
the connection to Vaccination and SIDS;
why lutein intolerance doesn't show up on an allergy test.

AUTISM - The Way Forward

Autism - The Way out of Crisis
Our experience of working in many different settings worldwide is that the institutions where autistic children are cared for and educated, and the social service system designed to administrate their care, are collapsing under the burden of this ever increasing and tremendously challenging population.

Beyond School – the Development of Transition Communities
A top priority of any Model of Excellence Program will be to keep people with autism out of psychiatric hospitals and living in the community. The communities we envision include centers offering short- and medium-term therapeutic transition programs.

Looking at behaviors
Coping skills for people with autism most often include ‘withdrawal from the fabric of social life’ and this also is reflected in the isolation that many families experience who are dealing with autism. The lure of behavioral therapy is strong for families in crisis, but are these therapies working? We see behaviors as coping skills as the autists seek to deal with the way their bodies are reacting. The combination approach of dietary and behavioral therapies are designed to effect powerful changes.

'Simply, we are trying to find in ourselves the potential for accepting responsibilities which come with working and living with people who are not ordinary and have not had an ordinary life.'

'Model of Excellence' Community models
It is clear that present practices are failing to address the consistent pattern of family crisis and breakdown that inevitably leads to institutionalization and an enormous burden on the community. We have also seen how, with adequate and co-ordinated support, education and services at a local level, including proper respite services, foster-care programs, a range of therapeutic and vocational training programs, an autism-aware medical community and properly funded and organised family support networks, these crises can be averted, families can stay together, and integration into the mainstream of community life becomes more likely.

'Why is it that we as a society are willing to pay three shifts of employees who have no vested interest in the life or well-being of their client to care for a disabled person, the management staff to oversee the staffing, the government staff to oversee the management of the care agencies and service providers and politicians to make these policies but we are unwilling to support a family in crisis or predict that these same circumstances which repeatedly result in crisis and breakdown will produce the same outcomes again and again? We will say it again – families need support, training, respite and inclusion so that families can avoid crisis and stay together.'

WCAP Malaysian Program

Our work in Malaysia 2002

Update on Malaysia 2003

Two-month progress report
Results of lutein-free diet programs 2002-3

Continued success of lutein-free diet programs in Malaysia

Statistical information on family history and co-occurring conditions
in a community-based study (PDF)

Results of dietary intervention

  'Autism’s hidden biological roots'
The Star of Malaysia (4/9/02)

'Serving Sara's diet for autism'
The Star of Malaysia (8/12/02)


Brain differences in autism

 the Cerebellum

the Limbic System

Observer news story - August 15, 2004
Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases
Scientists alarmed as number of cases triples in 20 years

Autism – Observations, Experiences and Concepts
by John E. Upledger, D.O., O.M.M.

Dr. Upledger’s presentation to Government Reform Committee
on craniosacral approach to autism

Food, Diet, Nutrition

Low_cholesterol linked to_aggression
(from Dr. Mercola's website)

The Killer in our food - hydrogenated vegetable oil
According to the Harvard School of Public Health, at least 30,000 people, and probably more like 100,000 people a year in the USA die prematurely from coronary heart disease as a result of eating trans fats.

Food can make you ill -
Your complete guide to food intolerance and food allergy

The Huxley Institute
Research Institute of Orthomolecular Psychiatry

The Role of Excitotoxins in Autistic Type Behavior
by Dr. Amy Yasko

Autism - Is it an Allergic Disease?
JENNIFER WORTH reports on a conference of the Allergy Research Foundation held at the Medical Society of London, 18th November 1999.

The eating cure
Professor André Tylee is chairman of the National Institute for Mental Health and is responsible for educating all British GPs in the treatment of mental health. He is passionate about the benefits of nutritional therapy and describes it as "the breakthrough we've been waiting for". He is hoping to ensure that nutritional approaches will become the first step that doctors use to defeat mental illness.

Nutritional and Orthomolecular approaches in mental health
This is a folder about alternatives to the conventional mental health system that involve supplements, vitamins, nutrients, orthomolecular approaches, herbs., etc.
from the Mind Freedom International Website

Bacteria could aid autistics - Clinical trial will put probiotic bugs to the test.

Vitamin Research Products (VRP) develop high quality, effective, and special dietary supplement formulas.

Integrative medicine on the internet - "Integrated Medicine is a new way of understanding health and sickness. It embraces the best of conventional and alternative therapies, but is more than just a mixture of therapeutic techniques."   Leo Galland M.D.

Monolaurin is one of the factors responsible for the milk's antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties.

OMSCo is a cooperative of around 300 British farmers. It is the largest and longest established supplier of organic milk in the UK. Many reasons to choose organic milk and dairy. Research studies have shown organic milk to have more omega acids and conjugated linoleic acid than conventional milk.

Information on Phosphatidylcholine (derived from lecithin) -  a primary dietary source of choline.
source: Woodlands Healing Research Center

Vitamin A Saga
By Sally Fallon and Mary G. Enig, PhD

A key player in this fascinating story is Weston A. Price, who discovered that the diets of healthy traditional peoples contained at least ten times as much vitamin A as the American diet of his day. His work revealed that vitamin A is one of several fat-soluble activators present only in animal fats and necessary for the assimilation of minerals in the diet. He noted that the foods held sacred by the peoples he studied, such as spring butter, fish eggs and shark liver, were exceptionally rich in vitamin A.

Neuropsychiatry & Gluten Intolerance
Gluten Problems and Solutions by Stephen Gislason MD

Does Your Child Have ADHD Consider Fish Oil Over Ritalin 7-20-02

This study provides the research evidence supporting the use of the omega-3 fats found in fish oils to effectively address the underlying deficiency that is present in most of these children and appears to be contributing to the ADHD.

Fish Oil and arthritis pain
There is considerable evidence now that rheumatoid arthritis is caused by oxidative stress and involves an excessive production of pro-inflammatory compounds. Research has shown that supplementation with fish oils (EPA and DHA) can markedly reduce production of these compounds, and results in a significant reduction in morning stiffness and the number of painful joints in rheumatoid arthritis patients.

UDO ERASMUS The Truth About Fats
 Fats That Heal Fats That Kill;

World-Renowned Authority on Fats and Human Nutrition

The Omega-3 Connection
The Groundbreaking Anti-depression Diet and Brain Program

ision, CFS

Omega-3 fatty acids
Fish oil and Omega-3 fatty acids in ophthalmological research -
Relationship between dietary fat and fish intake and age-related maculopathy

Research on visual anomalies in autists
Ophthalmologic signs in children with autism and ADHD

Index_of IRLEN lens practitioners worldwide

Samuel A. Berne - Behavioral Optometrist specializing in ADD


ADD/ADHD, Vision & Learning

Biochemical anomalies in people with chronic fatigue syndrome who have visual problems:
Implications for immune system dysfunction and dietary intervention
G.L. Robinson, D.L. Sparkes, T.K. Roberts, N.R. McGregor, R. Conway

Investigation Of Biochemical Anomalies In People With A Visual Form Of Dyslexia
Implications For Early Identification And Dietary Intervention
G.L. Robinson, T.K. Roberts, N.R. McGregor, E.B. Ellis, H. Dunstan, H. Butt; University of Newcastle, NSW, Australia

Professional outreach, patient support, and public advocacy devoted to the diagnosis,
treatment, accommodation, and prevention of Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorders.

Can a vaccination precipitate Myalgic Encephalomyelitis [CFIDS in the U.S.]?

'When I became ill the day after a flu jab 2 1/2 years ago,
I thought at first I had flu. However, the flu-like symptoms persisted for 3 months,
and I was told I had "post viral syndrome."
After a brief remission a viral infection precipitated a relapse into chronic ME.'
 Jane Affleck

Tourette's Syndrome - Articles on behavior, self-harm and bullying
"Any child can engage in behavior that is undesirable or inappropriate. Indeed, some "inappropriate" behaviors are characteristic of developmental stages and are therefore "appropriate" developmentally (think of how we talk about "The Terrible Two's" or the rebelliousness of adolescents).

When a child or adolescent has been diagnosed as having a neurobehavioral condition, however, parents and teachers may find themselves falling into the morass of trying to determine whether what they're seeing is voluntary behavior or a symptom of the child's condition and whether to or how to attempt to modify it."

Uniquely Gifted - Resources for Gifted-Special Needs Children
Resources for Gifted Children with Special Needs
(ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities (LD), Asperger Syndrome, etc.)

Blindness, Autism and Prematurity
The association of blindness, autism and autistic-like symptoms, and savant syndrome,
especially musical genius, is striking given the rarity of each of those conditions singly.


Bringing it all back home
Professional parenting

"to do whatever it takes to meet the specific needs
of children within family settings,
thus enhancing their ability to live fulfilling lives.

What is Attachment disorder?

TEACCH Educational approach

educational reading program (3.9MB)

Letter flash cards
to accompany the 'Bee Sting' program (1.5MB)

IntelliKeys is a programmable alternative keyboard
that plugs into any Macintosh or Windows computer.
It enables students with physical, visual, or cognitive disabilities
to easily type, enter numbers, navigate on-screen displays, and execute menu commands.

More Internet Resources

Schafer Autism Report

Internet conferences on vaccines, autism and more

Excellent page on autism from one of the best alternative websites.

"Ooops...Wrong Planet! Syndrome"

Autism Research Institute

The E.C.H.O. Foundation 
Educating on Children's Health Options

Autism & Immunology articles

Popular internet resource

Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases, including Cancer and AIDS

Dr Keith Scott-Mumby - The Alternative Doctor

See below for more information on vaccination,
and other errors of the pharmaceutical industry


The Medical Insanity of Vaccination

Those responsible for these reckless misstatements and their terrible results have, thoughtlessly and ignorantly, but nonetheless certainly, been guilty of a crime — a terrible crime — against liberty, against health, and against humanity, which before many years have passed, must be universally held to be of the foulest blots on the civilization of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”

Shaken baby syndrome, Sudden infant death,
Munchausen's syndrome by proxy
Pharmaceutical Industry


World Community Autism Program