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The Medical Insanity of Vaccination


'The history of mandatory vaccinations reads like the story of martial law in an occupied country.
The freedom to choose is suspended in an all out effort to eradicate an enemy. This is the mentality
of war. The problem with warfare lies in its basically destructive principles.'

Vaccination Liberation
"Free Your Mind....From The Vaccine Paradigm"

Download 'Cry of the Heart - Pharmaceutical Terrorism & Medical Insanity'
by Mark Sircus.

The Autism Autoimmunity Project

 The National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) is a national, non-profit educational organization founded in 1982.
It is the oldest and largest national organization advocating reformation of the mass vaccination system.

Vaccination & Vaccine Hazards, Discussion & Support Forum



BBC Report - People who are vaccinated against hepatitis B are at increased risk of multiple sclerosis, a study shows.
US public health experts found the link when they looked at data on more than 1,500 UK patients.

Casi's quest
The Florida Chapter of the Autism Autoimmunity Project

Ileal-lymphoid-nodular hyperplasia, non-specific colitis, and pervasive developmental disorder in children
The famous Lancet article by Andrew Wakefield et al.

Measles inclusion-body encephalitis caused by the vaccine strain of measles virus. Bitnun et al. 1999

Report on childhood immunisation, joint committee on health and children, Irish Parliament

Vaccine Info and Vaccination Hazards; Discussion Forum

Vaccine Scene 2004: Overview & Update from Woodlands Healing Research Center

Vaccines and Disease - a major research article by Roman Bystrianyk,
an investigative reporter for HealthSentinel.com

More and more parents are looking into the safety and effectiveness of vaccinations.
Greater knowledge enables parents to have the confidence to exercise their right to an informed choice.
At The Informed Parent we think you are entitled to a wide spectrum of information
that will help you make up your own mind.'

Vaccination Awareness Network UK

Written testimony of Dr. Howard B. Urnovitz to the government reform committee, 1999

'I received my doctorate degree in Microbiology and Immunology
from the University of Michigan, where I studied vaccines.
I am testifying today as the Scientific Director of the Chronic Illness Research Foundation.'

Excerpt from The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults
Randall Neustaedter OMD, LAc

EXPOSE MMR - The Warnings Ignored
By Melanie Philips in the Daily Mail, UK

Dispelling Vaccination Myths
An introduction to the contradictions between medical science and immunization policy. Alan Phillips.

Those responsible for these reckless misstatements and their terrible results have, thoughtlessly and ignorantly, but nonetheless certainly, been guilty of a crime — a terrible crime — against liberty, against health, and against humanity, which before many years have passed, must be universally held to be of the foulest blots on the civilization of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.”

Vaccine testimony (MS-Word file - 786 KB)
From the World Community of individuals, parents,  professionals and organizations who no longer tolerate the lies, deceit, murder and genocide masquerading as medical science. This collection of material assembled by World Community Autism Program, South Africa, a not-for-profit organisation.

Like so many other live virus vaccines, the new Nasal Spray Flu Vaccine called FluMist contains MSG

Moratorium on vaccines recommended by nation of Islam's health minister

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Pharmaceutical Terrorism - The Medical Insanity of Vaccines by Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Alarm as GM Pig Vaccine Taints US Crops'

The People vs. Vaccines
by Dorothy Anne (Dottie) Seese

"I often wonder, when are the citizens going to wake up and smell the poison?
It's time to tell our government we just don't want more of their nonsense.'

Dr Kalokerinos interview
Interview---- International Vaccine Newsletter June 1995

"It is hardly necessary to introduce Dr. Kalokerinos. He is well known worldwide as the doctor who spent much of his time fighting for the wellbeing of the Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. He is so much appreciated for his work and for his engagements that many, lovingly, call him ‘Archie’ He wrote down his experiences in the masterpiece "Every Second Child". Instead of being rewarded for doing so, he was harrassed and his methods were disregarded by the authorities, probably because they were too simple, too cheap and too efficacious to fit modem medical standards. And, besides, they were meant to protect a population which, in its own native county, is regarded by some as not worth taking the trouble for anyway. Dr. Kalokerinos thought differently. He pinpointed the increase in vaccination campaigns as the reason why, at a certain point, up to half of the vaccinated Aboriginal infants died, obviously from an acute vitamin C deficiency provoked by the vaccination."

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