Community Autism Program

True Potentials Seminar
Kualar Lumpur 2002

Helping children with learning disabilities reach their True Potential

On Sunday 20th October 2002, Max and Sandra Desorgher, directors of World Community Autism Program, presented the True Potentials Seminar, hosted by Selayang Hospital and Parents resource for Autism, at Selayang Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the following ten days, they met with families and professionals involved in autism programs in Malaysia to share their insights and offer individual assistance to families implementing dietary intervention for their autistic children. They then travelled to Malaysian Borneo (Selah) to present a seminar at Kota Kinabalu, and provide consultations as well as visiting a school for special needs children. The progress of the more than 70 children we met and who are newly started on Sara's Diet will be closely monitored and reported on by WCAP. Another research project is also in the planning stage, and WCAP will report on this project in due course.

Our next visit to Malaysia and other Far Eastern countries is planned for March-April 2003

Malaysia 2002: Initial reports 6-8 weeks into Sara's Diet (MS Word)

[Seminar Program - PDF]