The Power of Exile by Sandra and Max Desorgher

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The Power of Exile - Autism, A journey to recovery
by Max & Sandra Desorgher
Power of Exile
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The book begins with a brief history of Sara, an autistic mentally retarded child, who lands in an emergency care home at the tender age of five after medical evaluations determine her to be also a sexually abused child. We then meet Sandra (author), a married woman trained as a ‘Professional Parent’ who was willing to take this wild child into her home. The story continues through Sara’s struggles and the family’s challenges of raising and caring for Sara - the particular challenges of autism coupled with attachment disorder and mental retardation, sometimes humorous but always touching the heart. The early chapters include details of Sara’s personal life – the evaluations, traumas and challenges. It includes the weird and apparently unexplainable behaviors which accompany a diagnosis of autism, followed by the ‘recovery’ and the explanations directly from the autist who experienced them, identifying the reasons and rationales for the seemingly unexplainable rituals and self-abuse.

The story develops as Sara is transformed to a child who, at the age of 11 and within weeks of starting a special diet program, no longer shows the signs of autism or mental retardation. Sara emerges as a ‘social butterfly’, as Sandra’s discoveries lead to a new and controversial therapy and a new understanding of autism.

Sara’s awakening leads to travels among the autism ‘experts’ and speaking engagements at conferences in the US. Other autistic children begin this same approach and soon there are autistic people from around the globe who are waking up. Sara’s story is put to paper and needs professional editing. Max, a professional translator who has been interested in autism and alternative healing for many years, comes to America and teams up with Sandra, and together with Sandra and Sara they enter into the world of autism traveling and working in India, the Middle East, the UK and finally Africa.

The story includes specific accounts of some of the individuals and then turns to the cause of autism, which has become a modern epidemic, hidden behind the blanket of the ‘psychological paradigm’ for 60 years despite mounting evidence that it is a treatable medical condition. Sandra & Max’s research into nutrition, pigment disorders and genetics leads to the emergence of the ‘causal theory’ that autism is part of a natural evolutionary process as humanity adapts to environmental and social changes, as well as science’s endeavor to protect the majority with ‘herd immunity’ at the expense of the few.

"By keeping autism hidden behind the shroud of psychology the truth has remained clouded. Our book opens up a wealth of knowledge and suggests the ways forward for researchers into this disorder. Part three is written with the scientific elucidation which is required to understand the true cause and treatment for this otherwise ‘lifelong disability’, as well as including the specifics of the ‘Sara’s Diet’ protocol and ‘Desorgher Method’ of applied behavioral analysis and adapted education."

Autism and GOD (Generation of Diversity)

We are at the threshold of great changes taking place in our human development. Some of these changes are a direct result of man’s creative ingenuity and the fight for survival. At the scientific level this has included vaccination. The development of the vaccine and the further development of more vaccines have contributed to evolutionary changes which can be seen in the human population and will likely be seen in the future generations in ways which we cannot yet begin to comprehend.
The information which is available and becoming available elucidating the biological aspects of autism is providing the comparative data to identify the similarities and differences between autism and autism with a co-occurring disorder, disease or condition. This book provides insight on these differences and similarities. It should become evident that an immune system response is a common thread, and that the fetal development is altered as a result of this immune response. The variations are a result of genetic disease, genetic weakness, dietary influences and the immune system’s attempt to protect vital function in the developing fetus.  

In a metabolism where lutein pigment was treated as a pathogen by the immune system it would be expected that the functions attributed to lutein would be altered. Functions which are attributed to lutein include protection of the eye from damaging blue UV light. Additionally  breakdown of lutein, in the normal metabolism, results in substances such as biopterin which are normally used by the Cytochrome P450 polypeptides. Extracellular lutein is transported by dynein and transthyretin in the normal metabolism. Hormone made from lutein is utilized in cyclic regulation and regulates cellular granulation activity in the brain.