Power of Exile

The Power of Exile -
 Autism, A journey to recovery


Introduction: Sara’s Diet
and the IDEA


  1. Sara
  2. Sandra
  3. The Journey begins
  4. Sara joins our Family
  5. Journal Notes
  6. Impressions
  7. Influential People
  8. Center Stage
  9. I believe in Miracles
  10. Miracles in Abundance
  11. A Second Rainbow
  12. Widening Horizons
  1. World travel on a Wing and a Prayer
  2. Asperger Syndrome (Sam’s story)
  3. Autism: a Causal Theory and Treatment Option
  4. A Change in the Weather
  1. Second Timothy
  2. Turning Blue
  3. Food Intolerance in autism
  4. Sara’s Diet
    1. Introduction to the restricted diet
    2. Essential nutrients from foods
    3. Practical help with implementing a diet program
  5. What is Lutein?
  6. Autism, Pigments and the Immune System
  7. South Africa, World Community Autism Program
  8. Eating disorder in autism
  9. Autism, Origin – A Plausible Theory
  10. Autism, putting it all together

From: A Change in the Weather
Dear Sandra Johnson,
We are extremely glad to have made contact with you through Mrs. Kamini Lakhani and immensely relieved to know the world of difference Sara’s Diet can make on autistic children. Firstly, we would like to up-date you briefly on our son Dushyant’s (Dinky’s) birth details and developmental profile.
  Dushyant was born premature and did not cry at birth due to asphyxiation. He had marginally delayed milestones. He had started cognitive speech at two and half years which gradually slipped into echolalia and by the age of four had regressed to isolation with few sounds. He was diagnosed autistic at that stage followed by tests like MRI, EEG, Chromosome etc. which were normal.
  Dushyant has gone through most known therapies starting with Holding therapy, Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopmental, Auditory integration, Behavior modification, DMG & Vitamin supplements etc. These have all helped in reducing hyperactivity, increasing eye contact, less tantrums, better understanding and adapting to different surroundings and sounds. Dushyant got back to echolalia at the age of seven, but cognitive speech never surfaced.
  Beginning this month we started following the diet free of Casein, Gluten, Lutein and Yeast as provided by Mrs. Lakhani. Distinct changes in behavior pattern observed on switching to this diet. Dushyant at most times in a happier mood. Initiates spontaneous interactive play. Rituals and stereotype behavior has greatly reduced. Earlier, echolalia was limited to single word. This has changed to sentences with few words. He is always alert awaiting instruction or wanting to communicate by some means and insists on participation. This is a big step for Dushyant and we hope and pray the diet will set right his nutrient absorption and bring further changes in him. We have a support group for autistic children here in Dubai and we are strongly emphasising the importance of diet. Eagerly await your reply, Usha and Narayan.