True Potentials Seminars

WCAP has been giving True Potentials seminars since 1997. These are usually very relaxed and enjoyable as we meet parents with their children and share our unique understanding of the biological basis of autism. We are then available to give one-on-one advice and consultations to parents with their children.

Our approach is a combined recovery program using diet intervention, holistic nutrition, relaxation therapies, behavioral strategies, tied together with a new understanding of autism taught by people who have lived it and understand it from the inside out.

We have traveled to India, Malaysia, South Africa, Europe and USA to give seminars. The typical format is a one-day seminar that teaches the WCAP approach to autism, and gives an introduction to our work in diet and nutrition. Following the seminar, we give individual nutritional consultations. We will stay as long as needed in your location to give consultations to all who desire them. The basic condition is that there are enough participants to make our journey worthwhile, and that our travel and accommodation is arranged.

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Seminar in Malaysia, 2003