Sandra Desorgher
(Psy.D [School Psychology], MA Nursing [Science of Food and Nutrition (clinical nutrition); Psychosocial intervention and referral; Assessment of injury/illness, Sick care, Health information and counseling, Nutrition and eating disorders, Pharmacology for Nurses and Diet Therapy], MSc Counselling Psychology, BSc Ed)

Sandra provides consultations for children and adults with Autism and related conditions.

Sandra was born in the USA in 1957. She grew up in a family who dedicated themselves to looking after behaviorally challenged, emotionally disturbed and special needs foster children in their own home. From the age of 12, Sandra studied medical dictionaries and medical journals compulsively in the various hospitals where she worked as a volunteer and later as a special diets cook and medical secretary. From this self-study and dedication, she developed a unique approach to therapeutic nutrition which still forms the basis of her multi-facetted work.

Sandra has a doctorate in psychology and two masters degrees in Psychology (
teaching family model), and Food Science and Nutrition. She trained with 'Bringing It All Back Home' Professional Parenting In 1991, Sandra adopted Sarah, a blind, epileptic, disturbed and abused autistic girl of 5 years old. Using a unique blend of dietary, behavioral and educational stretegies, Sarah made enormous gains. Then, in 1994, Sandra made a revolutionary discovery - lutein intolerance as a causative factor in autism. Since that time, she has travelled the world, sharing her vision of healing and recovery with families with autistic children, as well as medical professionals and experts in the field of autism.

Co-author of The Power of Exile: Autism, a journey to recovery

Max Desorgher
Executive Director, World Community Autism Program

Max studied healing and alternative therapies at Le Plan School of Healing, Bandol, France and has worked with special needs children for many years.  He met Sandra in 1997 and they were married in 1998. Max specializes in counselling, healing and teaching for people with Autism Spectrum diagnoses and related conditions. He co-wrote 'The Power of Exile: Autism, a journey to recovery ' and is preparing a new book for publication which will look at the crisis facing society, policy makers, educationalists and social planners brought about by an enormous surge in autism diagnosis in the last ten years. It puts forward positive solutions including nutritional, behavioral, environmental and social policy solutions and includes detailed information on Sara's Diet and the Desorgher Method.

Sarah Johnson
Vice-President, World Community Autism Program

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