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Recovery from Hashimoto Syndrome and improvement in ADD/ Asperger Syndrome

Hi Sandra,
I just wanted to give you an update on my progress with the lutein-free diet. I consulted with you in November of 2010 (I believe). I had my thyroid antibodies tested this past weekend and just got the amazing results--they are now negative! I'm so excited by this and had to gloat to the nurse just a little because my Dr. had been hesitant to test me again stating that once levels are elevated, they will remain so. I'm cured! Thank-you for the work you are doing--for sharing your incredible discoveries with the world.

I thank the Spirit as well for the day that I "ran into" the sales clerk who told me about your diet and how his mother had been cured of Hashimoto's as well.

I should also mention that I've seen great improvement in my ADD/Asperger symptoms as well-- greater ease in eye contact, feeling more present and alert, more patience, and a much more normal ability to shift my focus. As well, my constipation is a thing of the past. I can't tell you how pleased I am with all these exciting results. I will happily continue my lutein-way of life!

God bless you in your work!

Teresa Finnemore

'Personal Experience with Sandra'

After a year of a friend of mine bugging me to contact Sandra, the creator of the Lutein-Free/ Sara's Diet, I finally did it, I had a personal consultation with her regarding my son Braison. After using biomed for a little over a year now, I had Braison on a ton of suppliments as well as a Casein-Free, Peanut-Free, Egg-Free, and Beef -Free diet. We had done a lot of testing as well. I contacted her, told her Braisons story and then sent her a copy of all his test results. She asked me some additional questions and then a few days later gave me a very comprehensive breakdown of her thoughts.

She told me to remove things like beta-carotene since he was jaundice at birth, and due to family medical history and Braison's high oxalate results, she recommended we add a low oxalate and low salycilate diet as well. Now this is not 'instead of' what we were doing, its 'in addition' to what we are doing.

Due to his yeast she told me to avoid things like melons and to intake anti-fungal foods and beverages such as aloe, cactus, coconut, safflower, kohl-rabi, asparagus, etc. She picked apart every bit of his testing. She told me how to improve his Krebs cycle and said she suspects an IgG reactivity to 13kDa HSP and lutein.

She gave me specific foods to avoid and specific foods to add to his diet. These were not a 'generic' recommendations, instead it was tailored to Braisons specific needs and history.

I must admit I was sceptical at first. Like, what else could I possibly do to help this kid? But I took her advice. She said give it 4 months. So far its been about 2 weeks and I eliminated everything she told me to and I started adding things to his diet like coconut milk, removed high salycilate foods as well as all high oxalate foods. Already I see an improvement. After reading her recommendations, I started to pay attention to things he was eating that I never thought were a problem. For example, Braison had red sauce for dinner one night. Shortly after, I took him food shopping with me and he was so good all day until after dinner. We got to the store and he couldn't control his impulses. It was then I realized she was right on many things.

The friend who refered me to her had contacted her over a year ago. Her child was not on any suppliments and did not have any testing done what so ever. Sandra still brought him out of autism and now the kid is only receiving speech therapy at the school he attends which is a regular public school.

I email her quite often and she always willingly answers my questions because she truly cares about the child. Her consults range between $100-$200. Nothing like that thousands we pay for our DANs. She knows everything about the testing we do and the approach we use. And she has worked very closely in the past with DAN doctors.

Also, I want to thank you for your excellent research.  I found Sara's Diet online a few months ago.  I had become desperate with my son's doctor because she flatly ignored all of my son's physical symptoms and repeated refused allergy tests.  (We have since changed doctors and he has been allergy tested.) His first day on Sara's Diet was the first time in a year that he did not vomit or have diarhea. Three days later he recognized his name again, and he was able to sit in a chair when asked.  We haven't conquered this yet, but Sara's diet certainly has provided the most significant drastic improvement so far.”  Pamela

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give a short update about our son, Ravi, now almost 5 yrs old. We (Ravi) began "Sara's Diet" in July of 2005, when he was about 2 yrs, 9 months old. He was diagnosed with "classical autism" also in July 2005. The diagnosis was based on his Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) test score and presenting characteristics.

As of August of this year (2007) he is no longer autistic (not even pervasive developmental disability-nos, the lesser diagnosis on the autistic spectrum.) He had a battery of phychological and language tests and shows only "mildly impaired social/pragmatic skills."

We have continued a lutein-free diet for Ravi. We had him on a gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free diet for about 2 years. He can now eat gluten and dairy without problem. We "subjected" him to many supplements, most are included in "The Power of Exile" book.

We have no proof that the diet is the "cause" of his progress, but we feel it played a part, if not a big part. We plan to continue the diet indefinitely. We have done many behavioral and supplemental/diet interventions for Ravi; probably many have also played a part in his progress.

I send this e-mail with sincere hope that your child on the spectrum is doing well, making progress, and to let you know that, in Ravi's case, (it seems), autism is not a life-long condition.

Our job is not done, though. We are addressing Ravi's continued "mildly impaired social/pragmatic skills" problems with lots of playdates, preschool for his developmental disabilities, and music therapy. We hope that we really are "done" with autism, but we feel a little apprehensive given where Ravi started...and we don't know what the future holds for Ravi and us.

If anyone would like to talk to me or share information, please to feel free to e-mail me through this forum or directly to jpanguluri@yahoo.com. I would love to hear how other kids are doing, what seems to work for you, and what didn't.

All my best,
Jennifer Panguluri (Mom of Ravi)

P.S. Thanks Max and Sandra!

“May I say I find you so refreshing in your straightforward authenticity: . . am so glad the lutein-free diet set you free and that discovering that and it's results with your daughter Sara in turn has enabled you and her to set so many children with autism free.  What a wonderful "gift" your "difference" has proven to be! . . . It's really nice to meet and know you, Sandra!  Your'e an encouragement to me to just keep on being who and what I am, no matter how "rare" or "unique".  I only wish that one day, as a result of being true to myself and authentic with others that I can be of such help to others as you are. Debbie, Oregon

A. is doing soooooo well on this diet. She is making huge strides each week. She is so much more aware of her surroundings, she is very sociable and keen to do the same as her siblings. Tracy

“Just received the periodic progress reports for S.  One from his EIP and one from his speech therapist. They have simply wonderful things to say about him - especially his speech. They actually say that for a child with autism who was non-verbal at 2 years of age, his progress in this area is remarkable. He has shown a lot of other improvements especially this month (January) eg eye contact (quite natural), eye scanning, recognizing different tones of voice, readiness to learn, facial expression, problem solving etc. However overall they are very impressed with the impact Sara's Diet has made on his progress and would like all parents to try it.” Valerie, Malaysia

“Thank you for all this wonderful and resourceful information it has helped me immensely.” Karen, NZ

"I want to thank you, for guiding me to the right diet. . .A. made a lot of progress since last time we met.  This week he refused me to drop him in front of his school, he shut the car door once we arrived.  Then he walked by him self, with his backpack, smiled to his teacher, take off shoes, put them in the rack, and waved goodbye to me and my hubby, then off he go to his class.

I'm so proud about him, but at the same time I feel so sad, realize that he needs more space from his parents now...He became a big bro to his brother, a little over protective sometimes. He cried if a stranger take his brother.  He push  me if I punished his brother.  He never let his brother play with someone new.  Angkasa is a
very caring big brother.  I'm very grateful.

Once again, may God Bless you for helping parents of autism children like me...You are such an angel for us...:-))"

"I had to put my daughter on Sara's diet. She did not respond to GF/CF or SCD but Sara's diet saved her life ...after 2 days on the diet she let me touch her. The diet completely, absolutely was the best intervention and changed her life." Holly

I have started him on the diet as recommended with supplement. He definitely has shown improvement even without starting his therapies as yet. He is being more echolalic( he rhymes and occasionally sing a song from his fave video- barney ) he can sit doing his task around 45 minutes with short intervals. His eye contact definitely improved and he response to his name more consistent than before.” Suryati

Parents’ reports from Malaysia (mostly after 2 months on ‘Sara’s Diet’)

Download the full 2-month report (MS-Word file)

“He is coping well, in fact he was at his very best ever in the last few days - calling us for assistance from a distance, in good audible voice and almost full sentence and without his normal whining nor screaming. Eye Contact: better; Speech: at his best ever; Sound sensitivity: able to tolerate better; Stool: now daily instead of the previous chronic constipation of once in 5 days”

“Improved in compliance during ABA sessions, more aware of surroundings (never before - wants to follow me when I leave the house otherwise would cry), clearer in verbal imitation, just two days ago - counted 1 to 10 spontaneously. . . Better in eye contact; Clearer in verbal imitation; Happy most of the time”

“Behavior: more willing to listen to reason; eye contact: much improved”

“Started to pick up toys to play. Can sit and play some computer games to the end; His bowel movement has improved tremendously.”

“Biting (people) is less now. Alertness is more, he seems to be aware of things around him. Gesture is more. Pull our hands and take to the place that he wants us to do s'thing.”

“Eye Contact:  Improved.  More alert to people's calling. Mood: Very much better (Less throwing tantrum.  Last time every two days sure throw tantrum once.  Now one month only throw tantrum once!) Stomach pain complaint --- REDUCED ( last time very frequent, almost 3-4 days in a week , now 6 weeks only complaint once!)”

“More aware of surrounding and therefore, he is a bit more timid to venture out on his own.  He is also able to express himself especially when he is afraid, angry and happy.  He is even afraid of the fly and butterfly, mosquitoes. . .Began to make short sentences and able to pronounce certain more difficult words such as possible, my name, some television characters, etc.  More vocal and can pick up the national language . . . He is able to tell you that he is afraid, angry (by crying out loud and calling for me) - quite a lot of improvement. Movement and body language:  Improved for I am able to tell that he needs to go to the toilet, angry, afraid, sad and happy. . . He began to enjoy playing with the computer and he is learning how to use the mouse, he is able began to watch television and he appears to understand them for he laughs appropriately at the right time. Loves to throw balls, and look at the numbers and arrange them accordingly.  Knows his alphabet.”

“I am very pleased with (his) progress since our consultation, just today, the shadow informed me that when punished together with other boys by the teacher for being noisy in the bathroom he was able to defend himself by telling the teacher he was quiet (previously he would say nothing but sulk or even throw a tantrum).  He is also able to stay more focused and for a longer period without prompting. Speech: very much improved with long sentences and correct grammar and structure”

“Less aggression, tolerance increased; Better eye contact; Less lethargic and less tired
Relationship to food: better, Appetite: better”

“I must add that overall, he is behaving very well. Most times, he has a smile on his face. He is eating and sleeping well. I'm cutting down on his digestive enzymes. His verbal stim is somewhat lessened and he is a lot calmer. In fact, he has been joining me to sing Barney's songs to his sister. My sister who hasn’t seen him for almost a year, commented that he has improved behaviorally.”

“I personally am so happy with his improvements that I more relaxed and I really look forward to seeing the children at the end of everyday when my maids up date me on the little events of the day.”

“He’s more happy & love to play with his father. No more bed wetting at night. Sleep well unless he ate the food that he can't tolerate.”