World Community Autism Program

Sandra Max

For 20 years, we have dedicated our lives to unraveling the condition known as autism. The work that Sandra started in 1993 with the discovery of the light-pigment-luciferase connection to autism continued as we traveled the world, researched, talked to parents, and met with the remarkable children known as ‘autists’. We watched the ‘awakenings’ as they experienced the joy of removing the ‘toxic’ lutein from their diets and remembered who they are.

We are now in South-west Virginia, USA, in an area we know as 'Cumberland' and are attempting to establish a center, Cumberland Academy.

Cumberland Academy - Our vision - a new way of living and learning

Healing and recovery in a holistic, therapeutic and natural Environment
WCAP plans to create therapeutic recovery center where families get all the support they need to let go of the trauma of autism diagnosis in an educational, supportive and natural environment. As a "Transitional Holistic Community", Cumberland Academy aims to provide such an environment where people on the autism spectrum can recover, heal, learn and grow, realizing their full potential.

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